An Important Exterior Renovation is Siding

Did you know Neuberg Construction is the top choice for many consumers for siding projects. Here are the facts..

1.) There are more than 15 different types of siding
2.) Vinyl is the #1 choice in the USA
3.) The average siding job is the US is $7400.00
4.) You should power wash your siding every year
5.) Most siding companies work year-round, but if you’re looking for a deal, fall and winter are usually the best times to install house siding because few people choose to have their siding replaced during the slow season
6.) Most siding if properly installed has a wind rating of 110 mph
7.) Most vinyl siding is designed to meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard 3679
8.) Vinyl siding usually comes in thicknesses of .035 to .055 inches thick, and most quality brands have a thickness between .040 to .048 inches.

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