Is it time to replace my siding? Bet you didn’t know this about siding!

Ok, so let’s state the obvious first. Look at your siding: fading, holes, warping, dry rot, mold etc. could indicate your siding is in need of replacement. If not for any other reason but your homes curb appeal. But here’s 1 more interesting indicator that you probably didn’t consider. Do you have peeling paint or […]


Know Your Rights When Hiring a Contractor

In light of the recent stories regarding a local contractor leaving numerous jobs unfinished after receiving payment, it is important for you to know you have rights as a consumer! It is also important to remember not all contractors do business that way, check online or ask for testimonials from past clients. Visit for […]

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How do I Know When it’s Time to Replace my Roof?

Here are some of the main reasons you could need your roof replaced; Reason #1: The Shingles Were Improperly Installed If your roof is fairly new, one reason that you could be having problems with the shingles is that they weren’t installed properly. This could mean that the roofing company only used three nails instead […]