What Kind of Windows to Choose

Did you know that your choice of windows can affect almost every level of comfort in your home? From natural light and views to ventilation, inside temperature to security — the right windows are the key to a beautiful and comfortable home.

Neuberg Construction has the choice hundreds of window manufacturers to sell and install. We use Lang Windows on our projects. Why we choose Lang?

1.) They are the oldest window maker in the Midwest at 63 years.
2.) Strength- They have a advanced fusion weld process
3.) The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the window
4.) So many color and finish choices
5.) Each window is custom built to your window opening
6.) The windows have one of the top energy ratings “R5”
7.) Fast lead time- Most cases we can have your windows in less than a week.

After getting the “Hard Sell” at ridiculous prices from other window companies, call Neuberg Construction and we will come out and give you a quick, no hassle, exact price which will be surprising to your pocket book. Book Online Today.